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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Kitchen Progression

The kitchen is nowhere close to complete, but I did want to post some pictures so you could all see the progress.

As you probably remember, this is what the kitchen looked like when we first viewed the home while the previous owners were in it (prior to being damaged by them)....

Obviously, the kitchen was not in this shape when we finally moved in.  In addition, since we were replacing the cabinets we decided to open up the kitchen/eating area/den to make a true great room by extending the kitchen, adding an oversized island, and making it an eat in kitchen.

Demo began last Monday, and this is what the kitchen looked like after the demolition was complete.

Oven and sink walls

Old breakfast room and peninsula
As you can see, the house has been full of boxed cabinets and I took these pictures at the end of the day once the sun was down!  The next morning, cabinets began being installed:

Pantry cabinets
(in addition to our walk-in pantry)
 and stove base

Sink base

Location of the new island

Old built in desk area, now the bar!  :)
Slowly, but surely things began to take shape....

Stove area

Sink base

Bar area
...and things have continued to evolve into what looks more and more like a kitchen....

Stove, sink, and beginnings of the island

Fridge and oven built ins - fridge to be installed

Bar area (wine fridge to be installed)

Glorious island!!
What's left in order to complete the project?
-Cabinets and window seat under the old breakfast room window (waiting to be delivered in order to install)
-Flooring removal and install
-Install of stove, wine fridge, and fridge
-Install of under counter lighting
-Install of light rail, toe kick, etc
-Painting of the disgusting walls!!
-Final walk through

Hope to post more pictures of progress on the kitchen soon!

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